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tv   New Day  CNN  January 20, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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than i did. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world, this is new day and what a day it is. friday, january 20th, it's already 7:00 in washington. >> it was 5:00 when we were supposed to be here and we were at a security checkpoint for an hour and a half. >> it's inauguration day in america and we are just hours away from donald trump being sworn in as the 45th president of the united states capping off an unprecedented campaign. >> the eyes of the world will be on the united states today and for good reason. this is the symbol of the freedom and free exercise of democracy the world over. we'll have our 45th president, we'll have our 48th vice president here today.
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it's going to be a very big deal filled with all the pomp and circumstance that the united states can muster but the big time will be 12:00 noon. that's when our constitution says the new president takes over and executes the office and what is he going to say? donald trump has written his own speech. what is he going to say. >> this is where the historic moment will happen here on the steps of the u.s. capitol where frankly there's been a flurry of last minute preparations to the stage where donald trump will be taking the oath of office. now donald trump will be sworn in using two bibles today.
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not only president lincoln's bible but a more personal bible. his childhood bible given to him by his mom when he was only 9 years old and then the big event the most important political speech of his life. his inaugural address. aids say he has largely written that on his own. basking in the significance of this moment. >> this is a celebration of victory. my friends, we needed this victory. three weeks before we won as you know, it was going to be the single greated defeat in the history of politics. they predicted this would be the greatest loss in political
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history. not even modern political history they said in political history. >> where all of this can go down this morning. if we can turn the camera here we'll zoom in on the spot where donald trump will be delivering that all important inaugural address. we're testing the microphones and adjusting the height of the podium making sure that each and everything is right. we also saw them drill in the last touches. the final touches and the presidential seal down below. the final details an important setting for donald trump's major speech. now before he comes here he will be waking up this morning at the blair house. he'll go to church with his family at st. johns and then for tea with the obamas over at the white house.
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>> we heard in one of the excerpts still dwelling on the election, the bitterness of the election, how he wasn't supposed to win and he did. that's relevant for his mind set. the question then becomes you are the leader of the democrats. where is your mind in terms of helping this president get on his way? >> it's a good question. when donald trump campaigned, he campaigned against both the democratic and republican establishments. some of the things he talked about changing our trade laws and big infrastructure bill and getting rid of the loophole democrats always supported. since he was elected they're moving at a much harder right direction. some of his cabinet nominees and medicare as we know it, slash education, it's quite different than the way he campaigned so if he tries to move back to the old way we will work with him on things he believes in and if he goes against us and many of the
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things in his campaign we'll fight him tooth and nail. the classic right now repeal obamacare. they don't know what to do and many republican colleagues now are urging him to not repeal it but rather work to improve it. if he says he won't repeal, we'll work with him to improve it. if he says repeal we'll fight it tooth and nail. >> fight it tooth and nail but ultimately. >> first he may lose republicans. he needs 51 to start it going. already one has defected. two or three more are talking about defecting. he may not get that but he'll need 60 of the votes. >> because. >> the because the way the senate works you need 60 for anything major legislatively that's not in reconciliation. so we have some tools to use and we will use them. we want to pose trump because his name is on something but when he's against the values we believe in, many of the things he campaigned on we're going to fight. >> so given all of that, give me
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an aadjective for how you're feeling today. >> i'm ready for the fight. i am. it's a tremendous responsibility. this president ran an unconventional campaign to say the least. he pleased many people but upset many more probably and they're looking to us to hold up that banner and we will. not just for its own sake. not to quote see him fail but to hold to the values so many americans hold dear. >> there won't be as many hands on the banner today. the democratic leadership is here. you're here. all the senators will be here. on the house hide you have this faction that has broken off but house democrats won't be here for some variety of negativity toward the incoming president. do you respect their decision. >> i do. i don't agree with it. i'm obviously here but i certainly respect it. this has been a nasty campaign. many people were treated very,
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very poorly. way beyond the bounds of a usual campaign and if they're going to express it that way that's their right. it's an individual conscious decision. every senator is attending but i don't begrudge those that made a different decision. >> look at president obama's tone and his action. it's hard to imagine there being more water under the bridge between two men than donald trump and barrack obama and yet it seems that president obama is taking the high road and today they will be literally and figuratively these two men will be taking the road together in their shared ride. >> we always respect in america the peaceful transition of power. it is an amazing thing there's not people saying we're going to form a new govern: it's an amazing thing and america has so many strengths and i know there's people now worried about the future, i'll be speaking
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about this. i get to say a few words and i have faith in the american people and in america he and in our difficult times the american people, practical, problem solving, are always our anchor and they straighten us out. right now some of the things trump is doing, his cabinet, least popular transition president there is. >> he has his supporters. they're all here and entitled to celebrate and most of america is not happy with what he's doing. >> you have how you quite or how you deal with the angry portions of your own party and then what you're doing with the confirmation process. the first one is the peaceful transition of power. we keep hearing from your side of the political aisle. this is not a rightful transition of power. this isn't legitimate.
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if you people know what we know from our classified briefings you'd understand why they're not going tomorrow. these are loaded implications. what do you say to democrats whether they're elected or at home and watching and say he's not my president. >> i understand your anguish and your anger but we will be there to defend you. we will be there to defend the values of america when candidate trump and now president trump daef yates from them. >> do you predict that anyone will not be confirmed? >> it's too early to tell. this has been a disaster for the president. >> we democrats call it that. why? more conflicts of interest than you have ever seen.
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they made a career of trying to end it as we know it. what have our republican colleagues done? they have tried to rush them through. short hearings. many of them stacked up. some of them didn't have their papers you're required by law to file an ethics report and how do you get rid of your conflicts of interests? didn't file any papers and they put her on at 5:00 at night. each senator only got five minutes of questions. >> what votes will you put up today? >> there are some not controversial. i think general mattis is a good
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choice. >> and for cia which is a little bit more controversial. some of our members want to question him but if he's not voted on today he will be monday and these are the three top national security people that the country needs the most but to spend a few days on people as controversial as price or against the working man and woman to take a few days in power, that's what we should do. >> what happens on monday. >> on monday? >> you say you're ready for the fight. >> on monday, we'll go through the nominees and talk about them and ask questions. the aca battle is coming forward. we'll see if the republicans have the vote in the second round to actually put in
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something that actually repeals and how they're going to repeal it and the next few weeks some of these cabinet nominees, the very controversial ones will be discussed very thoroughly on the floor of the senate. >> you say we will not be dilatory for no reason but that's exactly what the gop says that you're doing. this is sour grapes these are successful business people. of course they have more complications. >> they could have avoided all of it by filing the ethics reports and fbi reports that every other nominee from every other administration has done that's what the constitution says. they want us to not may any attention to these controversial nominees. we're not doing that. that's not our constitutional duty or duty to the american
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people. >> great to be here. >> our responsibility is to report on what happens to that fight every day. you're always welcome to make the case for the democrats. >> i like your show and if you keep this view how can i resist. >> thank you. president elect donald john trump has a pacted inauguration day scheduled. he's going to have tea with the president but he kicks off the day with services just steps from the white house and that's where we have cnn national correspondent. >> just to walk you through what's going to happen here in about 90 minutes we're about a block away and of course the president elect and his family were staying last night. they'll hop in a motorcade. every president but one held a worship service in advance of
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their inauguration before that coffee or tea with president obama and michelle balm. president elect trump will be doing that here. this is a faith service. a private service for the trump and pence family. there are expected to be 300 individuals here. a lot of individuals took a different path that wasn't expected and were the core of the support of the trump campaign. they will be here and present and also he said many inflammatory things but as one trump official informed me this is a man very behind the president elect and matters deeply to the president elect and his family and that's why he will be speaking today guys. >> okay. phil, thank you very much. there's so much to discuss on
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this historic day so let's bring in our panel: cnn political analyst david gregory. cnn political analyst and presidential campaign correspondent for the new york times and cnn senior political analyst. great to have all of you on this historic day. it's hard, david, i mean, to not feel the weight of how important this day is and how significant it is in our tradition. it dates back to george washington and you feel the pageantry everywhere here in d.c. >> you do and there's huge crowds that are part of the inaugural festivities. a celebration of constitutional democracy. we're in a politically divided time in the country and senator schumer speaks to that and we have to remember how many hundreds of thousands will be here and who embraced the message of making america great again and shaking up the political system in the way donald trump did it in such a
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disruptive fashion. that is being celebrated all around the country today and it's also being protested all around the country. i think it's interesting to put into perspective the nature of what we're able to do as americans and how we transfer power. the president and i were talking earlier today in 1861, trump will use the lincoln bible and this was the year of the civil war. as divided as we are in this country and about the role of government and social fabric of the country and there's all the speculation about what the
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weight of the actual office will do. we have been told the office changes the man. we have seen no change in trump since the transition has begun but how much of this, this tone, per seef received or real is on him in the moments and the moments that immediately follow. >> it's a mistake to say that divisions are created by donald trump. that's been a theme among democrats and his republican critics over many months. i don't think that is the case. i do think he has not used the transition period to bring people together the way he could have. part of that is we have seen he condition stop reliving this greatest hits record of how he won the campaign and i've never seen anything like this. i don't think anyone here has. he has been talking about it in every single speech. he gave a toast honoring mike pence at a dinner for mike pence the other night. he was not supposed to be there and insisted on going and instead it was almost a roost of the room and reminder of mike pence that he had not supported
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him. in that speech he thanked black voters that voted for him and then thanked black voters that stayed home and said there was no reason to vote so i think it's going to be important to see what the tone is in this speech. what i think we need to remember is what donald trump says at any given moment and i'm afraid i don't think that we can say the inaugural address is going to be different does not necessarily reflect on what he does so we need to wait and see. >> what are you listening for in his inaugural address today? >> i'm listening for, they're saying that the theme is going to be america first but i think what is more important for him to convey is bringing people together. i think yesterday we saw some hints that the enormity was impacting him. he went to arlington. you could tell that was an incredibly moving thing and i think that any time a president goes there or a president elect goes there for the first time they are reminded that the national treasure is laying there and it's because of the men that have proceeded them.
4:19 am
>> his demeanor looked different. >> it looked completely different. it was joyful last night. if you saw the ceremony last night at the lincoln memorial it was -- he was singing. he was swaying with the music. he gave -- unifying, small, small speech and i found people there at that event that did not support him. this is important to me with baseball and it transferred to me with the inauguration of the next president. >> supporters are going to be disappoint first degree donald trump had a higher approval
4:20 am
rating and that's because of how he decided to conduct himself in this transition period so nobody is expecting him to fall into regular order as far as presidents go but even his disruptive nature he has to find a way to build some support and bring along the opposition. >> to get you in here a quick word. every president i covered said the office overcame me. it was bigger than just being a man. >> do you think that happens? >> we hope it happens. bottom line, simple answer, when he walks into the white house after the parade does he stop and take a deep breath and realize he's no longer on the campaign trail? that in fact he is the leader of the free world. >> thank you very much. what should be president elect trumps number one priority as he takes office? you can tweet us. one word using the #new day cnn. we'll share the results later in the show.
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>> donald john trump will take the oath of office in a few hours. the forecast not so great. it could be rain on this historic moment. reagan is the only president to have had an inaugural parade cancelled because of weather. andrew jackson had one cancelled for another reason some 100 years before but what will that mean for spectators and guest ifs it's wet today? chad meyers has the answer. next. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪
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>> trying to get through tight security. some with better success than others. brian todd is just outside the national mall. we spent quality bonding time-outside of a security checkpoint for some two hours with much of our staff. how is it now? >> well, chris, it's just past daybreak and so much raw energy and enthusiasm and part of that is the passion for protest.
4:26 am
this is a spontaneous protest that popped up on the intersection. we'll take you down this way. it hasn't taken away from the enthusiasm of the people that hasn't come in and will take in the historical spectacle. and texas, new hampshire, north carolina, south carolina. one group came in driving from seattle and some of the issues here have been not more staffing and equipment at some of the checkpoints. they had some of these problems and this one didn't have enough staffing but they have started letting people in here. hundreds of people waiting here since very, very early and most of them telling us that they are happy to be here taking in the
4:27 am
spectacle of this inauguration. back to you. >> thank you very much for all of that. as i speak there's a beautiful golden sunrise behind me over the capitol. however we hear that rain is headed here. let's get to cnn's chad meyers. he has the forecast. what are you seeing? >> i hate to do that red sky in the morning thing. there you go. high clouds bouncing off the sunlight right now. beautiful sunrise and the clouds are bringing in will be rain. maybe, i don't have this nailed down yet there's a chance of a lightning strike or two. that would be the worst possible scenario here. but there will be heavier rain moving in. rain showers by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, and finally out by 3:00 or 4:00 later on this afternoon so it does clear out and there will be time to do that. temperatures, how will they be? they will be in the 40s.
4:28 am
90%. it will rain on and off all day. you'll have that mist and drizzle kind of day so just get ready for the umbrellas. we talked about that earlier today. you can have them on the mall and you can have them on the parade route. you can't have them if you have seats. they will take them away from you but even if you have them they have to be the very, very small ones. not the big long ones like the joker carried. >> all right. red skies in the morn, sailors be warned. thank you for the report. let us know if anything changes. let's talk about this historic day and what is the first order of business when you have our republican controlled white house and congress in full effect. we have kevin brady, house deputy and also chairman of the ways and means committee. let's put up that picture for our audience of the sunrise.
4:29 am
look behind us. that is not fake and it really does capture the majesty of the moment. our 58th presidential inauguration. the history that just falls on top of you. the first to be at the front of the capitol where this is going to take place. ronald reagan and some history that donald trump doesn't want to repeat. first inauguration parade cancelled for weather was ronald reagan. we hope you don't have a repeat of that history today. but so much history, what does this mean to you today. >> this is an exciting day. these are moments in history, in this country, and i think especially so with donald trump because here's an election which rarely happens where voters just define it and said this is our guy. he's a guy that will fight for us and we want to shake things up and today is really about a new start and fresh start and pretty exciting start for the
4:30 am
country. >> now they always say that the office overcomes the man, right? and that's a big question going into what happens with donald trump as president. will he be like presidents before him in as much as the office becomes more important than his own emotions. what are you expecting? >> he's very much his own man and that's why he prevailed through a very tough primary and tough general election as well and he's one of the guys you can tell from the polls he doesn't have his finger in the air all the time. i like that. this is about solving problems. especially in security so i think these are very strong traits for this president. >> now coming into it, he doesn't necessarily like you either. when he was running it was republicans, democrats, all of you in this swamp as he refers to it. >> i know you mean that in the best possible way. >> i'm just saying the way he said it.
4:31 am
i never said it. but what does that mean in terms of expectations. do you think you know what he wants to do and how he wants to do it? there's a lot of questions on your side of the aisle especially with the aca and obamacare and when people don't think they know whether he is sure about what he wants. >> so in my view the house republicans we're exactly on the same page and, in fact, so much so ways and means republicans we came back to washington to work during the holidays to be ready on tax reform and how we repeal and then very careful, thoughtful deliberate approach. the affordable care act and his goals on national security. just getting this economy moving we are on the right track so we have been working hard since election day to be ready to work with this president. >> so what will that mean in practical effect day one? what can you do with the aca where you repeal something which essentially means defunding. given the ability to defund things and we know what the vulnerability is there. if you take money away you may
4:32 am
put people at risk unless you replace that revenue at the same time. can you do that? >> yes, we can. so the obamacare experiment has failed on day one and including on monday we expect the president and administration to ease regulatory burdens and options they don't have today. congress has a lot of the work to do and you're also going to see us take very positive steps on the replacement side but here's what you won't see. >> talking about what we will see, there's marine one arriving at the east front of the u.s. capitol. the ceremony takes place on the other side of the capitol but this is history in progress. the main players and i will follow these throughout the morning. back to our conversation.
4:33 am
you have high approval ratings of it. some of that may have been politically charged: this is not as easy as the campaign rhetoric and there's hard work and working for a lot of people and no entitlement once it's been established and history has never been repealed we'll take that and secondly we're focused on affordable and replace the huge bureaucracy of the affordable care act with something tailored like a health care backpack where you can take it from job to job, state to state, home and how can you take it with you and change it to meet your wife as you go forward
4:34 am
but give it as well and that will take several steps and we're not replacing that part of the obamacare process. you're going to see a step by step process where the public and lawmakers understand sort of the foundations they're letting and we think that's the best way to get affordable health care personalized to you and the details we'll follow it closely. good luck to you the american people need good outcomes. >> all right allison. >> chris it is an electric day here in washington d.c. just hours until mr. trump's inauguration and people from around the country are already making their way to the national mall here in washington to witness history on the steps of the u.s. capitol our inauguration coverage continues next.
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>> history will be made today and there's going to be big crowds expected to gather here in our nations capitol.
4:39 am
donald john trump taking the oath of office. it happens in just a few hours. gates already open on the national mall. we have joe johns in the middle of it all. a witness to history with a front row seat, kind of. >> joe. >> joe. >> can't get through security. i know the feeling. there's joe. can you hear me? >> yes i can hear you fine. it's loud. rock and roll right now. we're just hearing some zz topp. good energy out here on the mall and i wanted to show you some of the things that have changed a little bit from past years. one thing that hasn't changed is how long it took to get in. and all the way up to the reflecting pool and goes almost all the way down to as far as you can see. that's the to protect the grass. they had a big renovation
4:40 am
project out here and they're trying to protect the grass on the national mall. now another interesting thing that people will see who come out here is the bike rack entrance. what is that for? it's, in fact, an emergency run way in the event there's a problem, somebody's hurt, somebody's sick. first responders will bring them here and they can run all the way back and forth so that's what it looks like out here on the mall. people are coming in. a lot of excitement and a lot of things prohibited including umbrellas but this kind of thing is allowed. the long umbrellas are not allowed. back to you guys. >> okay, joe. keep rocking it out there and we will check back with you. >> from beyonce to zz topp. >> president elect donald trump will be sworn in about four hours from now.
4:41 am
true to form he just tweeted it all begins today he says. i will see you at 11:00 a.m. for the swearing in. movement continues the work begins. but the president elect will take office without most of his cabinet in place. let's discuss that and so much more with our panel. mark, the lack of a full cabinet. big deal or life goes on? >> life is going to go on. we're going to sit here and talk about how slow it's been for him to name people. he just named his ag secretary. zwrus nominated the other day. more importantly though than the folks that are going to assume the senior positions is these junior positions and under secretary positions. they run the government and he hasn't named any of them. in fact, this does happen. he has asked several high ranking obama officials to stay on for the transition. that is common. the question is how long are they going to have to stay on because right now there doesn't seem to be anyone coming in and
4:42 am
assuming new roles. >> kevin brady, republican, texas, house ways and means he said we're getting after repeal and replace right away. he said we're confident we can do it and do it the right way and he talked about portability of plans. that's an issue but it's not the issue when it comes to what is most expensive and what's most important. >> no, that's right. i think that at the moment before we get to that phase we don't actually know what versions of a plan that we are even talking about. there is not harmony between what some in congress are talk about and trump insisted he is close to his own plan and obviously i think we're going to have to wait and see. i do think to mark's point about how the government functions going forward it's not going to carry out trump's vision on
4:43 am
policy and undersecretaries and deputy secretaries. some like the department of justice it sounds like that has gone fairly well but you also have a sitting senator taking over. it's places like state department and minor agency like that where you have rex tillerson new to this world and have people not wanted to take the job, the same has been true for general mattis and department of defense and so there's a similar issue at department of homeland security so i think this is going to be a tense couple of weeks. and his supporters. doesn't he get a grace period. >> i want to hear from a lot of the officials in washington. we have to bear that in mind. how many americans are
4:44 am
celebrating the disruptive nature of donald trump today both in washington and around the country. the opposition i think is starting to solidify. it's very vocal and it's striking from senator schumer. they've decided to really go hard. they're going to oppose these nominations and it's going to be on trump to try to confuse his opposition to give them no choice. that's going to be his opportunity. look at all the members of congress not showing up today. why? they are in districts that viewed trump as illegitimate. that maybe unfair and wrong on the face of it but there's enough energy out there for democrats to say you know what, let's dig in and start fighting the midterms today on inauguration day. >> and yet the problem finds it's source in the same place that the solution does and it's
4:45 am
donald trump. and he's going to have to start making decisions about which battles he picks and how he starts to move. if they can get things done that's going to be on him. do you think that he has that in him? to make the deals and make the changes to keep the fights down and the progress up? >> i think he has it in him to make the deals. he's not your tradition gnat republican candidate or democrat either that's part of the repeal for him and he has a lot of cross over vote. when he steps up there today and gives his speech, he has an incredible moment in his hands to not only take the people somewhere aspirational but also to offer tangible benefit like
4:46 am
he did and i met with a group of them from pennsylvania and ohio over the last weekend and they were very frustrated by the hardened stance that schumer has taken. they feel that they have lost seats. especially down ballot because the party has become too striking and too progressive. >> it's really striking. think about what this represents. when andrew jackson was sworn in for his first inaugural. he didn't even show up to the inauguration because their previous battle for the presidency was so hard fought. here you have an outgoing president with huge approval. >> pretty close. >> and yet you have so much desire for changing the country. >> so will we see anything? in terms of executive actions this weekend? after the pageantry today will
4:47 am
mr. trump swing into action. >> i want to say that the most ridiculous story line is president of the united states. he starts working at noon. president of the united states 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. >> he's also never had a day job in the next 20 years. >> the guy does work. >> not saying he's not a hard worker. >> we're not saying what he's going to do and neither is the staff. >> thank you very much. one thing he is definitely going to do. donald trump is going to make history today. he is going to go from real estate mogul to celebrity tv guy to 45th president of the united states. he wrote his own inaugural address because he has a very specific message. what might it be? next. as a control enthusiast,
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throughout the morning we asked you, our viewers, what you think president-elect trump's number one priority should be when he takes office. we received hundreds of your responses so far on twitter. you want to guess what the overwhelming response is?
4:52 am
>> make "new day" seven hours. >> no. that will be his second priority. the first priority is unity. you can see that in the big red letters. also topping the list health care, fighting isis. >> jobs. >> jobs, immigration and building the wall. >> i'm still looking at the words. let's bring in our panel and talk about this idea of unity and what donald j. trump, our next president can do, in his first inaugural address. >> tim neftali is here, executive editor of bloomberg view and author of "trump nation: the art of being the donald" tim o'brien. and inaugural historian jim bendad. jim, this is the day you live for. you have all the fun facts. you do get overcome with the history that falls on your head
4:53 am
in this town on this day. what are some of the big ones that pop out to you about what makes the inauguration such an amazing historical event? >> the fact that our inauguration day makes our country stand out from so many other nations. they don't do it that day. we have one day every four years. other nations, they might have military coups, monarchs that reign forever. >> you only get your moment in the sun once every four years as an inaugural historian. >> the way i like to put it is every four years i get my 15 minutes. >> that's right. let me stick with yu, jim, for a second. what are you looking for today? >> i'm always looking to see if the traditions will be followed. we know that a lot of them will be. we know that trump is going to be going to the church services. he'll be going to the white house. there will be the procession to the capitol lt. we know that. we also know there will be some
4:54 am
differences. he's going to set a record today with six religious prayers as part of the ceremony, three invocations, three benedictions, that's a new record. during the inaugural parade we know unfortunately a tradition has been lost. trump fired charli brotman who did every parade since 1957, covering democrats and republicans. he's a part of my book. the chapter in my book is called the president's announcer. he's a gregarious person, he's still up to the task and shouldn't have been fired. >> what do you think about the walk of the inaugural parade? was it carter who walked the entire thing, the first one to do it? what's the most common protocol there and what are we expecting today? >> jimmy and rosalind carter are the only ones to watch the entire distance. many other presidents have gotten out of the car, generally
4:55 am
toward the end of the parade, although barack and michelle obama got out a couple of times, but definitely toward the end of the parade route in front of the supporters right near the white house you can generally expect almost all presidents to do that. >> tim, as presidential historian, what are you keeping your eye on? what has jumped out at you so far? >> i'm going to watch how mr. trump uses words. one of the things that presidents learn is that words matter, that they can change the stock market, they can change the value of the u.s. currency. they can send signals to our foreign allies and adversaries with words. how will donald trump introduce himself to us as a president? he's introduced himself to us many times in other forms, but today he's a president. >> we know a few things about the inaugural address. they say it will be shorter than usual. they're saying about 20 minutes long. we heard yesterday from the head of the inaugural committee that
4:56 am
it will be a collaboration between he, his ideas and his speech writer. >> there are always collaborations. that's tradition. the key is this, the issue of unity. he becomes president of all of us. he's not just president of the people who voted for him. he's president of the people who didn't vote for him. he's president of the people too young to vote. how is he going to talk to all of us and what is the vision he's going to share with us about where we go from now. that's what i'm looking for today. >> these two have gotten to bask into the possibility of the moment. you, tim o'brien, are a different task. we're members of the fraternity of people who investigated donald trump. the question you can answer best is, do you think the man has it in him to surrender the me to the we, that when the grace of this moment comes upon him and he realizes his power and his position, do you think he has it in him to say i don't come first anymore?
4:57 am
>> i think we all have to hope that he does. i think it's important for the country. i think it's important for the presidency. it's important for good governance that donald trump embrace this moment and rise to the occasion. i think that will require things of him that we have not seen in him historically. it will require emotional, intellectual and strategic discipline. it will require generosity of spirit. it will require enormous self-restraint. we've seen since the election on twitter he's demonstrated no self-restraint. i think it's a wait-and-see. i was thinking about this yesterday, during the ceremony at the lincoln memorial, jon voight gave a very confrontational opening speech in that moment. it wasn't about unity. it was about trump got smeared, and god put him here to save things. i think it's in trump's court now. >> jim, i was struck reading through the history of all the
4:58 am
inaugurations how often weather plays a role. sometimes things are canceled if it's too cold. sometimes when it's too snowy, i think with john kennedy's inauguration. today it's going to be a light drizzle. what do you see with this compared to past years? >> weather is always a big deal in washington at this time of year. the last time it rained was for george w. bush in 2001. that day george w. bush planned to use the original george washington bible when he took the oath, but because of the weather the powers that be who look after that bible decided not to bring it outdoors. so we've had rainy days in the 1800s quite often. snow has been more of a problem since inauguration day got moved up from march to january. >> only a couple got canceled. reagan had it canceled, i think, the second one because of how cold it was. >> sometimes the parades are moved or canceled. even in march when the inauguration used to be in
4:59 am
march, i was struck by how often snow played a role here in washington, d.c. >> the last time that happened was 1909, william howard taft. it was so snow see that a lot of stuff got canceled. >> there's this one moment, noon on january 20th, 20th amendment of the constitution puts that as when the job begins. do you feel anything in that moment happen in this kind of ceremony. >> a lot of people are going to feel a lot this year. you're going to have people who will be jubilant and you're going to have lots of people who are very depressed. so we're a divided country and whether donald trump will be able to do anything about that remains to be seen. i don't think it will be decided during his inaugural address. i don't think we can expect much from that. >> president obama, the outgoing president is doing everything he can in terms of tradition, spend all the time with him, traveling there, every box you can check as peaceful transition seems to
5:00 am
be getting done. yes? >> definitely. he's been very gracious just as george w. bush was gracious to him. >> gentlemen, thanks for sharing the historical facts with us and the perspective. great to talk where you. >> we have much more of our inaugural coverage starting right now. >> we're goirj to have four incredible years. it's going to be something special. >> the truth is one minute after 12:00 he's going to be president. >> that was some victory. i think i outworked anybody whoever ran for office. >> or job is to be ready on day o one. >> the cabinet members are doing fantastic. i'm very proud of my picks. >> you'll know almost immediately there's a new sheriff in town. >> we're going to unify our country and make america


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